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Ova kontakt forma nije namjenjena slanju upita u vezi udomljavanja životinja ili slanju obavijesti o životinjama.
Za sve obavijesti o životinjama posjetite našu Facebook stranicu.
Putem ove kontakt forme, možete nas kontaktirati direktno u vezi donacija kojima želite pomoći rad udruge!

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  1. Patricia Hagl says:

    We come to Kroatien in 3 weeks! Can i brinda something to help ?

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for contacting us, we are always opened for donations.
    Anykind of donation ( food for cats and dogs, protection from parasites, etc )
    When you arrive you can contact our volontere on this number +385996708275
    Once again thank’s, hoping to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards

  3. Jasmin Weinmann says:


    i visit Medulin already four times but unfortunately i did not know something of your agency before.
    I am very sad of the killing station near Pula.
    Is it true that Pula won´t realize a pat station ???
    I can not believe it.
    Here in Germany nobody knows something about that problem.
    Unbelievable that so many tourists visit this region every year and they enjoy their holidays on the beach and only a few kilometers away on the same time dogs have to die during the people have fun!
    I think the public should know this so please inform me what can i do?
    Is there already any agency which tells something about this to the world?
    Please inform me also of your address that i can bring food or something else you need in my next holiday.

    Thank you for all your effort !

  4. admin says:


    Unfortunately, it is true. The whole region of Istria
    does not have a legal NO KILL animal shelter. The government of Croatia doesn’t care about animals, they do not think that killing animals (dogs in this case) after 60 days is a problem. If the dog catchers catches
    a cat, they immediately euthanize it

    All organisations for saving animals in Croatia try to inform other countryes about the situation here, but our voice is barely heard..
    There is a group of people who try their best to get the dogs out from Kaštijun (killing station), find them a foster home and adopt them. They are doing great, there wasn’t a one dog euthanized for a long time, but the dog catchers bring in new dogs every day and we don’t know how much longer will those people withstand.

    Organisation „Ruka šapi“ does not have a shelter. All of our animals live at volunteers homes,on private estates and in foster homes. When you come on a vacation, you can visit one of the locations where we keep few of our dogs so you can meet them.

    Our contact:
    Mobile phone: 00385 (0)99 6708 275
    E-mail: info@ruka-sapi.hr


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